HOSHU – AR-powered Mobile App

HOSHU – AR-powered Mobile App



HOSHU is developed by HOPEE to facilitate seamless remote communication and support for on-site personnel through built-in video call functions and AR technology. Let’s explore the key features that make HOSHU an exceptional tool for remote collaboration:

1. Remote Communication

HOSHU enables on-site personnel to request remote support through built-in video call functions. With the help of AR technology, our support experts can provide real-time guidance, annotations, and instructions, ensuring efficient problem resolution. All shared content during the conversation, including AR memos, documents, and chat histories, remains intact, allowing for a comprehensive and uninterrupted support experience.

2. No story left behind

HOSHU ensures that valuable conversation histories are preserved. You can access and refer to previous conversations, including AR memos and chat logs, ensuring a continuous flow of information. This feature allows for knowledge retention, easy reference, and tracking of problem-solving steps, even across multiple support sessions.

3. Organized Conversations

To enhance collaboration and organization, HOSHU allows you to organize conversations by teams, projects, or any other customized structure that suits your workflow. This feature ensures that all relevant conversations and support interactions are easily accessible and categorized, enabling efficient information retrieval and streamlined collaboration.

4. Unlimited Member Invitation

With HOSHU, there are no limits to the number of team members or personnel you can invite to participate in a conversation. You can seamlessly invite relevant stakeholders, including on-site personnel, support experts, and project managers, ensuring effective cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing.

5. Flexible Conversation Structure

HOSHU offers a flexible conversation structure, allowing for a dynamic and adaptive communication environment. Whether you need one-on-one support or a multi-member discussion, HOSHU accommodates your needs. This flexibility ensures that all team members can actively participate, share insights, and contribute to the troubleshooting and support process.

To dive deeper into the world of HOSHU and unlock its full potential, we invite you to visit the official HOSHU website at https://hoshu.co.jp. On the website, you'll discover a wealth of information about HOSHU's advanced features, real-world applications, and the transformative impact it can have on your remote troubleshooting and support processes.