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App Development

HOPEE specializes in developing user-friendly mobile applications for companies worldwide. If you're seeking App Development in Vietnam, HOPEE is the one.

Python Flutter Java

Web Development

HOPEE provides comprehensive web development services with transparent results and a well-defined development process. We utilize top-notch development technologies and frameworks.

Node.js ReactJS PHP

E-commerce System

HOPEE delivers solutions tailored for various business models, seamlessly functioning across all platforms. We leverage big data in your retail software to generate new sales opportunities.


AI Solutions

HOPEE offers practical use cases and validation blueprints for the rapid design and deployment of your AI solution, aimed at unlocking new efficiencies and enabling innovative ways of working.

TensorFlow PyTorch Keras

Blockchain Solutions

HOPEE offers blockchain solutions that provide unparalleled transparency, operational efficiency, and cost reduction, enabling companies to maximize their investments.

Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto

IT Consulting

HOPEE assists companies in optimizing their information technology to effectively achieve their business goals. We provide guidance on outsourcing and offshoring IT services.

IT Advisory Systems Integration
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Our Industry-wise Solutions


Whether you're seeking a custom retail solution or looking to enhance an existing platform, our software solutions offer secure and seamless options. From personalized recommendations to streamlined checkout processes and advanced analytics, we're committed to helping your retail business increase revenue and improve customer engagement. At HOPEE, we recognize the unique needs of each retail enterprise and are dedicated to crafting tailor-made solutions that drive growth and success.


Health Care

At HOPEE, we recognize the significance of technology in the healthcare industry. Our software solutions aid healthcare providers in streamlining workflows, cutting administrative costs, and enhancing patient outcomes. We offer custom healthcare software development services that range from electronic health records to telemedicine platforms, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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HOPEE's software solutions for the logistics industry optimizes supply chain management, particularly in warehousing and inventory. Designed to enhance efficiency, increase visibility, and reduce operational costs, our logistics solutions offer real-time tracking, automated workflows, and advanced analytics, keeping businesses ahead in the competitive landscape.



We provide an array of features, ranging from online booking and payment processing to personalized recommendations and itinerary management. Our custom tourism platforms ensure a seamless and convenient experience for travelers, simultaneously assisting businesses in enhancing their revenue and brand awareness. By integrating the latest technology with user-centered design, we deliver a world-class tourism solution.


Real Estate

HOPEE's software solutions for the real estate industry assist businesses in efficiently managing their properties, listings, and transactions. Our real estate platforms feature customized features, facilitating seamless connections and deal closures for buyers, sellers, and agents. Through our tailored real estate software solutions, businesses can remain competitive and adapt to evolving market demands.



Our transportation solutions encompass a user-friendly app enabling individuals to track subway routes, check real-time schedules, and access information on crowd levels. We are dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance transportation efficiency, and our app is purposefully designed to achieve this goal. By delivering up-to-date information on subway schedules and crowd levels, we contribute to time savings, stress reduction for commuters, and an overall improvement in transportation efficiency.



We provide tailored software solutions enabling businesses to effortlessly manage their inventory, sales, and customer engagement. By leveraging our advanced retail platforms, fashion enterprises can deliver a superior shopping experience with personalized recommendations, streamlined checkout processes, and real-time order tracking. Our software solutions are uniquely crafted to meet the distinct needs of each fashion business, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive fashion landscape. We collaborate closely with our clients to create customized software solutions that foster growth and success, empowering them to scale their businesses and deepen connections with their customers.


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