Warehouse Execution System

Warehouse Execution System



Hopee has collaborated with a leading robotic solution provider in Japan to automate the entire warehousing and procurement process, from receiving goods to placing them in storage.

What we have done

Our team has developed a comprehensive solution that includes a management dashboard and a scan system. The management dashboard provides full control over the system’s rules, while the scan system is responsible for sorting and assigning goods. Our team was involved in the development of the backend, frontend, API, and statistical reports.

Problem solved

With this solution, the entire process of sorting, assigning, picking, moving, and storing goods is streamlined and automated, allowing for more efficient and streamlined operations, with human involvement limited to quality control and supervision. The solution also enhance data management, reducing efforts needed for repetitive task like reading information, checking, confirming.

warehouse solution coverage

Tech stack

The frontend of the system is built using VueJS, BootstrapVue, and JavaScript, with websocket technology for real-time updates. The backend is developed using NodeJS, ExpressJS, TypeScript, SQLite3, Springboot, Java 11, My SQL, and OAuth2. The system was designed as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to ensure compatibility across different device systems.

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