Clinic Booking Website

Clinic Booking Website



Our team was commissioned by a medical clinic chain in Japan to provide patients with a convenient and efficient way to schedule appointments online. The goal was to streamline the appointment scheduling process and improve the patient experience.

What we have done

Our team designed and developed a custom clinic appointment booking website, which integrates with the clinic’s existing CRM system. Patients can easily view available appointment slots and doctors/therapists, schedule appointments, and receive confirmation via email or SMS. This streamlined process has reduced wait times and improved the overall patient experience.

Clinic booking system

Problem solved

The medical clinic chain was facing challenges with manual appointment scheduling processes, leading to increased wait times and decreased customer satisfaction. Our solution streamlined the process, reduced wait times, and improved the customer experience by providing a convenient online booking process. The system is scalable and ready for growth as the company expands their market and opens more branches.

Key successes

  • Streamlined appointment scheduling process improves patient experience
  • Reduced wait times and increased customer satisfaction
  • Scalable system ready for growth as the company expands their market
  • Convenient online booking process and integration with existing CRM and messaging APIs.

Tech stack

The clinic appointment booking website was built using Ruby on Rails for the backend, Vue.js for the frontend, and MySQL as the database management system. The infrastructure was provided by Amazon Web Services and the project was integrated with the clinic’s existing patient management system and messaging APIs for email and SMS confirmation.

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