Train Information App

Train Information App



The real-time train tracking system project was initiated with the objective of enhancing the passenger experience by providing real-time train tracking and schedule information, integrating other means of transportation to reach the station. The project team was tasked with designing and developing a custom train tracking system in Japan that would work seamlessly with the existing schedule information system.

What have we accomplish

The system provides passengers with real-time information about the location and status of trains, how and when to get to the station, as well as notifications in case of any delays or cancellations. The user-friendly mobile application makes it convenient for passengers to access the information they need. The real-time information has been a significant contribution to the environment and society, encouraging more people to use public transportation.

man holding a phone browsing for routes

Key successes

Since its launch in 2019, the system has been running smoothly with zero critical errors reported. It provides reliable train information to over 8 million passengers daily, making their journey smoother and more convenient.

The project has now entered the maintenance phase, with a stable version available on the Apple store and periodic patches released to optimize performance and fix any miscellaneous flaws.

The system has been a great success in streamlining the passenger experience, and we are proud to have played a role in its development.

Tech stacks

  • Flutter/Dart – used for building the front-end interface of the app with a sleek, user-friendly design.
  • GoLang – used for the back-end development, ensuring a robust and scalable solution for tracking trains in real-time.
  • BigQuery – used for storing and analyzing large amounts of data for real-time train tracking information.
  • Google Calendar – integrated with the app to provide real-time updates and notifications to users.
  • Dynamic Link – used to provide seamless navigation between the app and Google Calendar.
  • Firestore – used as a real-time database, providing fast and reliable data storage and retrieval.
  • AWS – used as the cloud infrastructure, ensuring the app is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

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