Photo Commercial Web

Photo Commercial Web



The Photo Commercial Website is a photobook creation tool that caters to professional photographers and photo studios in the business scene. The website provides an efficient and user-friendly platform for creating custom photobooks and other photo-related products.

What have we done

Our team has been responsible for the front-end and back-end development of the website. From the beginning, we have been involved in building the foundation of the website, implementing new functions, improving site performance, and providing ongoing maintenance services.

Key successes

The website has received positive feedback from its users and has made photobook creation much easier and accessible for photographers and photo studios. This platform has streamlined the process of photobook creation, saving time and resources for its users.

photobook creation

Tech stack

To build this website, we have utilized various technologies, including Python, Django, MySQL, WebSocket, and VueJS. Our team has also used other appropriate technologies to ensure that the website runs smoothly and provides a seamless experience for its users.

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