Flight Ticket Booking Website

Flight Ticket Booking Website



The custom flight ticket booking website features a user-friendly interface, accurate flight information from various domestic airlines, and a flexible payment system. Users can search and compare flights, choose their preferred itinerary, and complete the booking process securely online. The streamlined booking process has reduced the number of errors, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

What have we done

The project team was tasked with designing and developing a custom flight ticket booking website that would streamline the booking process and improve the customer experience. We upgraded it from a legacy system, adding new feature and enhance user experience.

Problem solved

The travel agency was facing challenges with legacy flight booking system, leading to increased errors and decreased customer satisfaction. Our solution solved this problem by providing real-time flight information and a convenient online booking process. The travel agency has seen an improvement in customer satisfaction and a reduction in the number of errors, making the booking process smoother and more efficient.


Tech stack

The tech used for the booking system includes Python Django and Golang for the backend, and VueJS and NuxtJS for the frontend. The system is built on Tarraform, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, with integration of Azure Deploy as the CI/CD.

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