Car Commercial Platform

Car Commercial Platform



The platform that we built is a solution for car sales, purchases, and trading. The platform was designed to operate in Japan and globally, providing a comprehensive solution for the car industry.

What we have done

We were responsible for the complete development of the platform, including the front-end and back-end. Our role included the implementation of new features, performance optimization, and ongoing maintenance services.


Problem solved

With our platform, the company can manage and track their car sales process more efficiently, leading to improved organizational skills and profitability., through a seamless user experience. Our platform has become the go-to solution for the client and has led to significant improvements in the way cars are sold, purchased and traded.

Tech stack

To build the platform, we used Ruby on Rails as the primary framework, coupled with MySQL as the database management system. We also used Jquery, Stimulus, HTML/CSS/SASS for front-end development. The platform runs on Google Cloud, making use of micro-services and other technologies like Solr, Elasticsearch, Docker, and Redis for increased efficiency and performance.

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