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Fans are dazzled by FIFA augmented reality technology

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Fans are dazzled by FIFA augmented reality technology


Augmented reality applied in FIFA mobile app

As World Cup 2022 Qatar is happening at the moment, FIFA has released a new feature exploiting augment reality (AR) technology to enhance football experience for stadium goers. Viewer at the stadium the same time the match takes place can watch the augmented match, where they can click on players to see real-time stats, heat map, and even replays.

FIFA+ Stadium Experience

This is a ground-breaking revolution to how people can enjoy live football matches. With a few simple steps, FIFA has brought analytics-driven experience closer than ever to football fans. As a result, now every stadium goers can see what referees in the VAR room see with FIFA+ stadium experience.

What are the noticeable features of FIFA’s AR-powered stadium experience?

Video replays, in different angles, even with VAR replays we see on TV

Replays feature

Users can watch replays of match highlights anytime within the apps. There must always be a spectacular move in a match that we can’t get enough of. However, waiting until the youtube community to upload it is simply too long. Now there you have it, you can watch it again and again as soon as it happens, as long as you want. Furthermore, it comes along with AR analyses like offsides, goal-line, etc.

Live augmented reality of heat map, players stats, line-ups, and other insights.

FIFA and their tech team has succeeded bringing a state-of-the-art experience for stadium fans. They have facilitate VAR room to every mobile device within the stadium. On the account of that, people can enjoy augmented football experience by augmented reality technology.

How has it worked in real life?

As experienced by a TikTok user @nazwif, the app can automatically scan the field and identify user at a distance that our own eyes can barely distinguished who is who. Once tapping on a specific players, the app can show the player profile, stats, speed, heat map, etc.

The data shown to the users are said to be the same analytics used for post-match round-table and analysis. “We would like to share our vision of using football data analytics combined with technical expert interpretation to create a new football intelligence, allowing everyone to better understand the game,” says Arsène Wenger, infamous French football coach, currently FIFA’s chief of Global Football Development.

FIFA+ Stadium Experience is an attempt of FIFA to deliver a more data-driven approach to football fans. By which sharing their unique vision of football, exploiting future technology and data science to help everyone understand the game better.

We believe what the future holds is much bigger and better. One day, not only stadium fans, but TV fans, online fans can enjoy the same approach and experience the same match analytics just like a referee sitting inside VAR chamber.

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